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Many of the leading DevOps practitioners will often repeat that in order to fully understand DevOps and its implications, we must look historically at the consequences of the Lean Manufacturing revolution of the 1980’s. The truth is that this should be a frightening reading for the management at most companies. Because many US and European companies were slow to adopt Lean Manufacturing, the result was that many U.S. and European companies lagged so far behind in productivity and quality that they were no longer competitive.

So then, what exactly is this Lean revolution, a good definition comes from the Eaton Corporation:

“Lean is a Business philosophy that continuously shortens the time between customer order and shipment by eliminating anything that increases the cost of production and time of delivery to customers.” – (Eaton Corporation)

While looking at the Lean Manufacturing revolution we need to look specifically at the contributions from the Toyota Production System, considered the gold standard for Lean. There is a great importance in looking at TPS (Toyota Production System), you will find that a large number of terms being thrown around by the DevOps community actually originated at TPS.