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A critical point to make about DevOps is that tools aren’t important, but important. So, what does this confusing statement actually mean? What we mean is that you can actually go out and bring in all the leading edge tools on the market into your organization and the odds are still overwhelming that you will fail in your efforts at DevOps. The reason the odds are overwhelming that you will fail are, you most likely attempted DevOps without taking the DevOps Journey steps that are a prerequisite to building a DevOps Toolchain. Below we explore the DevOps Toolchain foundations.

  1. Code
  2. Build
  3. Test
  4. Package
  5. Release
  6. Configure
  7. Monitor
  8. Safeguard

A Tale of Two Companies

by Thomas Gilmore

A Tale of Two Companies is a narrative story about two companies who are facing competition from new entrants into their business vertical and are looking to regain their competitiveness through Agile/DevOps. Along with the story of the two companies, there are learning points in each section. This book takes a very different tact then the majority of DevOps books on the market, the book attempts to explain in simple terms through Learning Points why, as Gartner has pointed out, 90% (the true number is probably higher) of the companies attempting DevOps are failing.