Using Survey Feedback in DevOps to Stimulate Information Sharing

///Using Survey Feedback in DevOps to Stimulate Information Sharing
Using Survey Feedback in DevOps to Stimulate Information Sharing 2018-02-13T12:38:52+00:00


An important tool that should be in the toolbelt for all DevOps leaders is the use of Surveys. DevOps leaders can use surveys to help initially highlight cultural, process and tool impediments to DevOps. During the DevOps implementation, surveys can be used to assess progress and surveys finally can be used to monitor the continual improvement progress.

Using survey feedback is one of the Organizational Development intervention techniques used for bringing about culture change throughout the entire organization, by stimulating information sharing through the entire organization. It should be noted that survey feedback is very different than the traditional questionnaire method of gathering information.

In order to effectively stimulate information sharing throughout the organization by using survey feedback as an intervention technique in Organizational Development, you need to proceed in four stages as outlined below.

The first stage involves the DevOps leaders (change agent) engaging in preliminary planning, deciding such questions as who should be surveyed and what questions should be asked. It is ok for other organizational members to participate in this stage if they have needed expertise, knowledge or their opinion is needed. In this stage, it may also be necessary to involve an outside resource with knowledge of developing surveys and how to statistically interpret them and follow up as needed.

The second stage involves the DevOps leaders and others involved in administering the survey questionnaire to all the organizational members selected.

The third stage involves the DevOps leaders categorizing and summarize the data. After the data is collected, the DevOps leaders present the findings to the organization through group meetings so that everyone knows the results.

The last stage is for the teams/groups that received the information to hold meetings to discuss the results. The DevOps leaders then work with these teams/groups to interpret the data, help diagnose changes needed and help plan for needed changes. The DevOps leaders are in fact acting as “process consultants” during the discussions.