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Inside many organizations who have struggled with Agile or DevOps, or are thinking about making the move to either methodology, you will actually find individuals who either have a basic grasp of either methodology, have an understanding of some key component(s) of either methodology or are well versed on what is involved in either methodology. The problem is that these individuals are all too often not listened to inside their organization for a number of factors.

One of the key factors that silences these individuals is what is termed an “emphasis on titles”. All too often, the individuals who have the knowledge needed to help with either Agile or DevOps are quickly silenced by other individuals who title wise are their superiors. The problem is that often these individuals with the titles are not superior to the underlings in knowledge, skills or leadership abilities. All too often many of these individuals in the organization will use their titles to silence ideas and concepts in order to protect their title and are not looking out for the organizations greater good.

Another problem often seen in organizations involves not listening to individuals/teams/groups who identify where additional planning is needed which is counter to the original plan that was developed. This is what is termed “favoring a plan over planning”. What this means is that often inside organizations a group of individuals will come up with a detailed plan for everything from developing an application, to introducing new tooling to changes to the architecture, but when the individuals who are responsible for implementing the plan start the actual implementation and realize some change to the plan needs to be made, they are often ignored, and the original plan just sits and collects dust. At the heart of both Agile and DevOps are the idea that continuous planning should be happening as individuals/teams/groups learn and adjust.