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One of the foundations of the Agile methodology is that everyone is responsible for quality now, yet this is not the reality in the vast majority of organizations who have attempted Agile or DevOps. All one has to do is look at the Agile practice in most organizations and what one see is a Quality Assurance group who is still responsible for all testing and owns all forms of testing in the organization. All too often you see Agile teams who will have an iteration dedicated to coding the new change/feature and then there will be a follow up iteration dedicated to testing the previous iterations code. This is a clear indication that the organization has not been able to culturally change from the traditional view of Quality Assurance as the gatekeeper of quality to a view of everyone pitching in to ensure the product meets the requirements and specifications.

In the move to DevOps, the move from Quality Assurance being the gatekeepers of quality is not a pie in the sky principle, but an absolute requirement. All too often Quality Assurance is fighting the change from being the quality gatekeepers, because the industry has forgotten what the actual role of Quality Assurance is supposed to be and because Quality Assurance has failed to keep up with the changing landscape of the industry. Quality Assurance should be leading the charge in DevOps due to the synergies between the two. Quality Assurance is supposed to differ from Quality Control’s focus on defect detection and rejection, since Quality Assurance is supposed to focus on defect prevention by focusing on quality earlier in the process which have been referred to as a shift left. What has happened in the industry is that Quality Assurance has been viewed as Quality Control in most organizations and has little to no focus on improving processes in order to improve quality.