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Reading a number of DevOps books and listening to presenters at various DevOps conferences you consistently hear about the Blame Game and the need to bring development and operations together by implementing change through incentives so that their objectives are inline. Yet, when you go into organization after organization that is purporting to be moving to DevOps and you ask about a plan for this change what you find is that management has not even broached this subject and often will state they see no need to change the incentive structure.

Changing the incentive structure is quite possibly the most important role executive management may play in nurturing the growing DevOps movement within an organization, but in order for this incentive change to have any chance of success all of the other components of change must also be in place. In order to explain why it’s so critical for executive management to change the incentive structure, they must understand the required components of change and how they relate to DevOps.