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So how can we go about bringing Technical Debt to the forefront so that an organization can properly prioritize it and adopt remediation processes to deal with it (Agile and DevOps)? One possible way is through the use of “Value Proposition Cards”. In order to explain Value Proposition Cards, we are going to use Kanban in our example. When we create new cards for our Kanban board we would now start marking these cards as one of two types, a “value proposition card or a failure proposition card”. So, what constitutes a value proposition card or a failure proposition card? Well a value proposition card would be any work that we can clearly identify as adding say a new feature (cannot be a re-do of an existing feature), a new application or say framework changes that are not being done to fix Technical Debt or limiting factors of the existing framework. Failure Proposition cards include obvious things like bug fixes, feature changes due to not meeting the customer’s needs, Technical Debt or framework limitations. On top of marking the cards as Failure Proposition cards we would also do some root cause analysis, so that we could categorize why the card is marked as a failure proposition card, in order to justify why it’s considered a failure.