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No discussion of DevOps should ever take place unless the company interested in adopting DevOps truly understand the implications of Technical Debt. Research over the years has consistently shown that companies across the board are spending anywhere from 70 to 80 percent of their development budgets to simply maintain their existing code. Unfortunately, when these numbers are presented to the majority of companies they will scoff at these numbers and say that this isn’t true at their company because they are always putting out new software. The problem is that these companies and in particular the business side do not understand that all this new software they are putting out is actually fixes for existing software. In company after company when you truly dig down into the development work being done what you find is that they will fire fight the same issue over and over and never tackle the underlying issue.

What many companies and individuals are failing to understand is that Technical Debt in many situations is shortening the lifespan of the software they have created, sometime dramatically shortening it and the company is never fully realizing the full ROI they should be.