Strategic Reasons for DevOps

///Strategic Reasons for DevOps
Strategic Reasons for DevOps 2018-02-13T12:43:07+00:00


It can be argued that the drive to remain competitive and stay in business is driving the adoption of DevOps? Many companies today look at the need to adopt DevOps for several reasons, first someone in their vertical may have been successful in adopting DevOps and now has a distinct competitive advantage. A second reason is that a company may fear that someone outside of their vertical may have adopted DevOps and now is looking to move into new verticals due to the increased efficiencies and increased capacity they have gained through DevOps (Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods is an example of this). Lastly, many companies are finding that their customers have either adopted DevOps or are the path to DevOps and are now expecting their vendors to also be moving towards DevOps in order to provide them with the quality software in a timely manner they expect.