Flipping the Testing Pyramid

///Flipping the Testing Pyramid
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Perhaps the most difficult proposition to overcome in the move to Agile and DevOps is the concept of flipping the testing pyramid or as it’s also known inverting the testing pyramid. In attending a number of Agile and DevOps conferences there is a common takeaway, at Agile conferences there is normally a deafening silence from the various presenters regarding the concept of flipping the testing pyramid and at DevOps conferences it’s very interesting to hear organization after organization get up and present on the cultural hardships they have gone through on their DevOps journey and then review the slick looking pipeline they built, but when they wrap up their presentation they point out as sort of a side note that they actually only have maybe 30 or 40 percent of the automated testing they need in place.

What you discover in the industry when you go speak with Agile organizations is that they have a basic understanding that they need some automated testing and they have mulled the idea or are doing some Unit testing and they will broach the subject of Functional automation with tools like Selenium, but when they are presented with the concept of flipping the testing pyramid they have a look of bewilderment on their faces.

On the other hand when you talk with organizations purporting to do DevOps you will often find that they have a little or are starting to do Unit testing and they also have Functional automation with tools like Selenium, but when you ask what they are doing for Security testing, front end performance testing, web consistency testing, automated accessibility testing, load/stress testing and cross browser/os testing they either will state that they have discussed some of these types of testing and some they have no idea what they are. One of the misconceptions you pick up on from talking with both the Agile and DevOps organizations is that they believe when you discuss automated testing you are discussing Functional testing with tools like Selenium and that this Functional testing once implemented is going to magically solve all their problems.