Evangelize, Evangelize and keep doing it

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An interesting DevOps experiment would be to select a handful of organizations that have failed in their attempt at DevOps and a handful who have succeeded, and visit each organization without knowing whether they were successful or not and see if there are any outward signs that could be observed in the first 30 minutes that might suggest success or failure in their DevOps attempt. There is a high probability that there would be outward signs that identify who was successful and who failed. The reason for this is that the organizations who were successful in their DevOps attempts most likely were effective in evangelizing the DevOps movement inside the organizations.

There are any ways in which the DevOps leaders can go about evangelizing the movement and a lot of very good practical examples in various DevOps books. There really is no one way of evangelizing and there are also many forms of media to use in order to get your message out.