Choosing an Agile Methodology

///Choosing an Agile Methodology
Choosing an Agile Methodology 2018-02-13T12:00:44+00:00


A lesson that organizations all too often discover the hard way is that the various Agile methodologies are not a one size fits all. Many organizations have taken the follow the leader mentality when it comes to adopting an Agile methodology. For a number of years, it seemed that the Scrum methodology was all the rage and every organization thought this was the only way to do Agile. Over the last couple of years Kanban has started to become the new rage and organizations have either made the wholesale switch over to Kanban or organizations just starting out with Agile have decided Kanban is the way to go with all their teams.

The reality is that the various Agile methodologies are not a one size fits all in every situation and companies should actually evaluate the various methodologies for each team. An example would be some of the new “Platform” teams that have come about recently with DevOps and who see the internal Applications teams as their customers, and who they are building out delivery pipelines for. These Platform teams may be better suited to using Kanban due to the nature of DevOps work which can often be trial and error. The existing application teams may in turn be better suited to using the Scrum methodology since they have a better handle on what the application they are building entails.