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Value Proposition Cards

A common problem in the world of software development is bringing Technical Debt to the forefront so that organizations can clearly see why they need to make the move towards Agile and DevOps. The issue is, how do we get

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Hidden Constraints/Process Improvements in Value Stream Mapping and Theory of Constraints

One of the starting points with any organization looking to start the DevOps journey or even just looking for process improvement is to create a current and future state Value Stream Map or apply the Theory of Constraints. The concept

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A day in the life of a User Story

User Stories, where do they come from? How do you write them? What do you do with them once they are written? Check out this short presentation on The Life Cycle of a User Story and get some answers. To

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Agile Estimation using Story Points

Estimation is inaccurate by nature. Traditionally, hours and days have been used to provide an estimate. The problem encountered with using hours and days to provide an estimate is that they are absolute, even when given relatively, which inherently imply

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