Test Metrics

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Test Metrics

In the past organizations moving to open source testing tools such as Selenium have struggled with how to manage their test cases and report on test metrics. This issue was more pronounced for organizations moving from traditional commercial testing tools and their integrated reporting features. The answer to this problem has actually been provided by the open source community in the form of TestLink, an open source test case management tool.

TestLink is an open source test case management tool designed to integrate with ALM tools such as TeamForge and Jira, and it is also designed to work with the agile methodology. Now organizations can create test cases and assign them to requirements, add them to test plans and report on test case execution occurring as part of an automated build process. TestLink provides the ability for organizations to have to test case tracking, reporting, pass fail analysis and historical test trend analysis.

For our friends in the .Net community we recommend that they use a combination of ATF and TFS to gather their test metrics.

In addition to using TestLink or TFS to gather test metrics, we also recommend that all clients use SonarQube to gather and manage the quality/technical debt of their automation code. Many organizations mistakenly treat their automation code as a tool, instead of the actual programming code which it is. We recommend that automation teams use SonarQube as a regular part of their code reviews to identify and resolve quality/technical debt issues in their code.