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With the industry wide movement towards DevOps, the need for companies to be able to rapidly adjust, make strategic decisions or change the direction of their software development based on rapid feedback (Feedback Loops) and metrics/measurement. The problems many companies run into is that they are they have no feedback loop or metrics/measurement in place.


Feedback Loops in DevOps are how we put the Lean manufacturing principle of Kaizen into place inside an organization. is arguably the most critical principle of lean manufacturing. It should truly form the basis of your DevOps implementation. Without continuous improvement, your progress will cease. As the name implies, Continuous Improvement promotes constant, necessary change toward achievement of a desired state. The changes can be big or small but must lend itself toward improvement. The process truly is continual as there is always room for improvement. Continuous Improvement should be a mind-set throughout your whole organization. The way in which we implement the Kaizen principle in DevOps is through Feedback Loops.

Through the use of Feedback Loops and orchestration tools, teams are able to quickly adjust, trace and report discrepancies in the process and in the products and services they are working on.