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Continually improving the way to deliver higher quality software, more efficiently and faster, using Agile methodologies and the DevOps Philosophy with an emphasis on culture and scientific evidence.

Mission Statement

We are Agile/DevOps Coaches who believe that in order for an organization to effectively use Agile or DevOps as a change agent, they must be willing to look deeply at their culture and be willing to make the difficult decisions that must be made in order for Agile or DevOps to fulfill their potential as change agents. Our coaches help organizations look at Organizational Behavior and Development and apply these scientific fundamentals to their organization in order to help the organization avoid the 90% failure rate affecting the IT industry’s move to DevOps.

As part of helping organizations overcome this 90% failure rate, we focus on helping the organization create a cultural climate that allows individuals to improve, because as individuals get better at what they do, teams naturally improve. And when teams improve, organizational results dramatically improve. Our coaching drives results and helps organizations achieve their goals.

We rely on a proven framework and coaching to implement the ideal solutions for our clients, which means that we don’t only solve the problem for our client, but we also teach them how to maintain, improve and scale the solution. Our work is complete once the customer can operate their own Automated Testing Framework.


Tom Gilmore

Co-Founder, Author & Agile/DevOps Coach

With over 20 years of experience in Lean Manufacturing, TQM, Agile Development, DevOps, Quality Assurance, Agile Testing and Automated Testing, he has helped coach many organizations in their change in philosophies towards Agile and DevOps in order to become Learning Organizations.




Dimitri Ponomareff

Co-Founder & Agile/DevOps Coach

20+ years of IT experience as a CIO, VP, director, manager and web developer. Agile coach for 10+ years with a strong focus on Kanban and Lean IT. Passionate leader, public speaker and entrepreneur.




Kristen Varona

Agile/DevOps Coach

20+ years experience of n-tiered software application development spanning windows and web. Process experience as an Agile coach to help organizations transform from Waterfall and RUP to Agile.




Anthony Oden

Agile/DevOps Coach

20+ years of experience in technology, collaboration and product development practice. Worldwide deliveries as an enterprise Agile coach applying Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, and LeSS across Fortune 500 organizations.