Agile Testing Framework

An Agile Testing Framework (ATF) allows your organization to install a .Net or Java version of ATF and immediately start developing automated tests for your web or mobile applications, services, databases, forms and reports. The ATF Architecture easily integrates with your continuous integration tools and best in class third-party testing tools to allow for accessibility, security, web consistency and full performance (front-end, middleware and load) testing. ATF is configured to run with either Selenium Grid, Sauce Lab or TestingBot‘s cloud based cross browser testing platforms.


Web Consistency Load Testing Security Frontend Performance Middleware Performance Accessibility Technical Debt Quality Artifact Repository Software Project Management Continuous Integration Version Control Automated Testing Architecture Integration with tools like Jira, Rally, TFS, etc. Behavior Testing Releasable Software Integration Testing Working Software Automated Build Code Unit Testing Test Scenario Acceptance Criteria Story Refactor Iteration Release Testing Reporting Implementation Agile TDD BDD Database Testing Mobile Testing Service Testing Mobile Testing Service Testing Testing

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