Sikuli Image Testing

This demo will show the use of Sikuli as a means of testing for an image on a web page and clicking on that image. WebDriver is used for navigation till you start seeing red boxes on the screen. The highlight feature was used to generate a red box around the found regions.

  • Open Wikipedia website
  • Navigate to Hippo page
  • Check for Wiki Logo
  • Check for Hippo thumbnail
  • Click  Hippo thumbnail


NOTE: The test execution has been slowed down for demo purposes

Example Code:

package com.demo.test;

public class WikipediaSikuliTest extends BaseTest {

    private WikipediaPage wikiPage;
    private HippoWikiPage hippoPage;

    private final Screen screen = new Screen();

    public Screen getScreen() {
        return screen;


    public void shouldBeOnHippoPage() throws FindFailed {
        Assert.assertEquals(getWebDriver().getCurrentUrl(), "", "Browser should be on Hippopotamus wikipedia page");
        Assert.assertTrue(hippoPage.getPageSource().contains("Taxonomy"), "Taxonomy Should be on the page");


        Region region1 = getScreen().find("src/test/resources/com/creative/oss/images/wiki-test-image.png");

        Region hippoThumbnail = getScreen().find("src/test/resources/com/creative/oss/images/wiki-test-image3.png");


        Sleeper.sleepTight(CosConstant.LARGE_DELAY * 3);


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