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You can now choose to download our ATF toolbox as an open source product, or leverage our expertise by using our professional services to setup, implement and extend your ATF.

ATF Toolbox – Open Source

atf-opensourceAgile Testing Framework is pleased to announce the open sourcing of our automated testing toolbox for both Java and .Net. The Java and .Net toolboxes provide a drop in place automation toolkit that individuals and companies can use to get a jump start on automated testing. The Java toolbox uses TestNG as its xUnit test framework and Maven for dependency management, while the .Net toolbox uses MSTest and NuGet.

Both the Java and .Net versions of the toolbox are built to use industry standard practices such as Page Objects with Loadable Components and Page Factory. Both toolbox’s have built in data drivers that allow test cases to be data driven using XML, CSV or Excel. The toolboxes are also preconfigured to work with Sauce Labs or Selenium Grid in order to perform cross-browser testing.

The toolboxes provide users with the ability to perform web, mobile, web service, backend (DB) and Behavior Driven Testing out of the box. Both the Java and .Net toolbox’s use Appium to perform mobile test automation and are pre-configured for Appium. If web testing is your need, the toolboxes use the WebDriver API (Selenium) to perform web testing. Both version of the toolbox are also setup to allow for the testing web services, either REST, SOAP or WCF using the REST-assured API.

Both the Java and .Net versions also come with our Candy Store application and Candy Store examples, which provide examples for writing web, mobile, image based (Sikuli) and web service tests. The .Net version also includes examples of using the White API for testing Windows rich client applications and integration with the BDD tool SpecFlow, while the Java version is setup to work with the JBehave BDD tool.

We invite any individual or company to download the toolbox, Candy Store and code examples and feel free to extend or integrate the toolbox with additional tools.

Download ATF ToolBox


ATF Toolbox – Professional Editions

We have created a framework that can save you time and help you to scale your ATF implementation. Depending on the framework you currently use, we can extend your framework, or implement the ATF to make it yours, in just a couple of weeks. The Professional version of ATF is used for our standard implementation with all our customers. This package saves our customers months of development and helps them start with a strong foundation for their environment.


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ATF Professional Java

This Java version is the core version we use for all our implementations. This version offers the most flexibility to work with any environment. Because most of the tools that interact with ATF are open source and Java based, it makes the most sense to use this version of ATF.

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.net C# agile testing framework ATF Professional .Net

The .Net version is meant for organizations who are a 100% Microsoft development shop and do not want to use any Java code to support ATF. The reason we created this alternate version is to eliminate any concerns for our customers who want to save money by using a proven solution to integrate perfectly with Microsoft TFS, but doesn’t require you to blow your budget on additional Microsoft licenses that fall short of what ATF offers and cost much more. ATF let’s you use TFS without the extra licensing costs of TFS Test Pro or TFS Ultimate, but permits you to truly setup an Agile Testing Framework within your Microsoft environment.

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ATF Education

All our courses integrate with the ATF Education framework and our online Candy Store to provide a complete learning experience. Every student walks away with our ATF Education version simply by attending one of our courses. Simply visit our Agile Training section to see our list of courses.

ATF Education

All our training materials offer actual workshops for our students to experiment with a basic testing framework and quickly build automated tests. When you attend or license one of our courses we include the ATF Education framework to facilitate the exercises and learn by example.

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