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We are always hiring at ATF, because we focus on finding talent, not just filling positions.
Start a lifestyle with ATF, where you can strike the right balance between life and work.

BE a key member of a high performing Dojo

  • Work within a Dojo environment
  • Pick when and how long you work
  • Take vacation when you choose
  • Join as an individual or a team of 2-9 players (Agile, Automated Testing, Infrastructure, etc… experts) who already works well together
  • Team player

DO your best in what you do…

  • Train and mentor others
  • Teach best practices
  • Update your progress in story cards on a Kanban board
  • Work well with others

HAVE the life and work you desire…

  • Collaboration with individuals and teams in a Dojo
  • Wealth to enjoy what you love in life
  • Create the lifestyle of your choosing
  • Live wherever you call home

Please find below our list of current job openings.