Why you should hire a professional to do your automation

A common occurrence I run into when talking to individuals who come to the Phoenix Selenium & Agile Testing Meetup is their story about how they had hired a couple of expert Selenium QA contractors for several months to build them a Selenium testing framework and at the end they had a framework that was not scalable, maintainable, poorly coded and was based on record and play. I continue to tell companies that most of the individuals purporting to be Selenium/automation engineers have only worked with record and play tools and cannot build professional automated testing frameworks.

I recently came across an article by one of the top Selenium experts in the world, David Burns of Mozilla who expresses my belief that you are wasting money if you do not hire the correct engineers to do the job. The article “Don’t write “Five Hidden Costs of X” but when you do I will reply” is in response to a nonsense article printed by the marketing folks at Telerik trying to persuade teams/companies with little to no automation skills to buy their record and play tools. The article is a great read if you are a company wanting to build an automation framework and trying to decide what tools to use and who should build the framework.

Financial reasons to hire professionals:
Scenario 1
Contractor 1 – $45 hour x 40 hours a week for six months = $46,800
Contractor 2 – $45 hour x 40 hours a week for six months = $46,800
Total = $93,600

Scenario 2
Estimated cost to have professionals install a framework and build a small subset of tests – $10,000 to $15,000

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