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As part of the Agile maturation process, many organizations wish to move forward with continuous integration, continuous deployment/delivery and eventually DevOps. The problem is that most organizations do not understand how to navigate the obstacles in their path. Many have implemented the Agile methodology and started installing new tooling, but still can’t increase speed to market or improve quality. In order to overcome these obstacles, it is imperative that several Lean Manufacturing/TQM concepts are fully understood including the “Theory of Constraints” and “Andon Cord.”

To help you find areas for improvement and continue your Agile maturation, we are proud to offer a Free DevOps Online Assessment. By assessing the state of your Agile implementation we can find ways to help your organization improve time to market, reduce technical debt and ultimately increase IT cash-flow. Each section of our assessment includes a description of the area being assessed and the recommendation based on the assessment that was conducted.

Our free, 21-point assessment covers the following areas:

  • Programming Basics Test
  • Automated Testing Principles Test
  • Unit Testing Basics Test
  • Object Oriented Basics test
  • Test Data Management Strategy Assessment
  • Maintenance Plan Assessment
  • SCM Plan Assessment
  • Code Review Plan Assessment
  • TDD/BDD Plan Assessment
  • Exploratory Testing Assessment
  • Agile Assessment
  • Culture Assessment
  • Measurement and Metrics Assessment
  • Delivery Assessment
  • Automatic Release Strategy Assessment
  • Monitoring Assessment
  • Deployment Assessment
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Specification by Example Assessment
  • Training/Mentoring Plan Assessment
  • Technical Debt Plan Assessment

Advantages of DevOps (on average):

  • 83% faster time to market
  • 90% reduction in Cycle Time
  • 48% improvement in productivity
  • 50% fewer failures

We guarantee to:

1. Implement ATF within 2 weeks of having access to your environments.
2. Provide best practices to operate and scale your ATF through honest feedback and empirical evidence.
3. Show you how to improve the way you code, test and deploy your software.

The form below will help you get started on implementing your own Agile Testing Framework.