Expanding your ATF to incorporate Services, Backend and Mobile Testing

Expanding your ATF to incorporate Services, Backend and Mobile Testing

The move towards open source test tools has allowed for the opportunity to plugin additional testing types into the automated test framework in order to increase testing coverage. Among the testing types that can be plugged into your automated test framework is Services Testing of both REST and SOAP protocols. An added bonus of integrating services testing into your test framework is the ability to quickly create and insert test data that can be used by other testing types such as functional web testing.

Most Backend/Database Testing can be incorporated into the ATF allowing integration into the ATF as either a separate test phase or by pulling verification data from the backend while inside a Selenium functional test. The ATF uses simple JDBC connections inside the architecture to connect to the SQL database and allow SQL scripts to be run.

The Selenium WebDriver browser automation tool provides a lightweight and elegant way for Testing Mobile Web Applications through Appium, Selendroid and ios driver. The Selenium WebDriver tests are end-to-end tests that exercise the web application in Android or iphone just like a real user would. WebDriver models user interactions with a web page such as finger flicks, finger scrolls and long presses.

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