Comparing an ATF to Commercial Products: Support for operating system/platforms

Comparison: Support for operating system/platforms

As part of an ongoing blog series, we will delve into a discussion of the differences between an ATF and the various commercial products on the market. This blog series will discuss one area of comparison each week. This week’s discussion will be on Support for operating system/platforms.

The ATF side supports the ability to run test cases and do automation development on Microsoft Windows, MAC OSX and Linux Platforms. Many developers in today’s world of software development and organizations prefer to use MACS OSX as their preferred platform.

On the Commercial product side there is strictly support for the Microsoft Windows platform.

The advantage on ATF side is fairly obvious, you can run or develop an ATF on the platform of your choice. If your wish to use MAC’s OSX or Linux then you are out of luck with the Commercial products.

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