Comparing an ATF to Commercial Products: Programming Language Support

Comparison: Programming Language Support

As part of an ongoing blog series, we will delve into a discussion of the differences between an ATF and the various commercial products on the market. This blog series will discuss one area of comparison each week. This week’s discussion will be on Programming Language support.

The commercial tools basically only support the Microsoft family of languages, VB Script, VB.NET and C#. On the ATF side, almost all popular languages are supported, such as Java, Ruby, Python, C#, Perl and PHP. The distinction of supporting most popular languages also has an additional advantage that must be highlighted. By supporting the most popular languages in the industry, it makes it very easy to plugin additional tools and features into the ATF, something that is not possible with the commercial tools.

When deciding on an automated test tool you might want to ask yourself this simple question, if you are a Java shop wouldn’t you want to use a test tool that allows you to leverage your Java expertise?

In the comparison of Programming Language support the ATF side has a substantial advantage when compared with the commercial tools on the market.

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