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In today´s world of rapid agile software development, it is a challenge for any company to continuously maintain and improve the quality and efficiency of software development. In many agile software projects, testing is either neglected or skipped because of time or cost constraints. This leads to a lack of quality, followed by customer dissatisfaction and ultimately to increased overall quality costs.

Some of the main reasons for these added costs are generally lack of automated testing knowledge, choosing the wrong automated testing architecture/tools, underestimating the effort of architecture/test case generation, and lack of a test maintenance plan.

Test automation developed in a Selenium Automation Framework (SAF) can improve the development process of a software product in many cases. The automation of tests is initially associated with increased effort, but the ROI will quickly pay off.

Automated test cases are able to be run quickly and with high a frequency, which is highly cost-effective for software over it’s lifetime. When testing in an agile environment, the ability to quickly react to ever-changing software systems and requirements is necessary. New test cases should be generated continuously and can be added to existing automation in parallel to the development of the software itself.

Automated test cases help to ensure the continuous system stability and functionality after changes to the software were made lead to shorter development cycles combined with better quality software and thus the benefits of automated testing quickly outgain the initial costs.

Achieving acceptable test coverage of a software project is achieved only with great effort. The key to achieving this test coverage lies in using tools such as SonarQube, which not only reports your total software project test coverage, but allows you to drill down into individual lines of codes to view test coverage.

At ATF we you use numerous tools, techniques, processes and frameworks to write, organize, build, test, refactor, and continuously improve software. SonarQube (formerly Sonar) is an open source quality management platform, dedicated to continuously analyze and measure source code quality. It makes it radically easier to track, manage, and enhance the overall quality of your code.

SonarQube is a web-based application. Rules, alerts, thresholds, exclusions, settings… can be configured online. By leveraging its database, SonarQube not only allows you to combine metrics altogether but also to mix them with historical measures.