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Worldwide, most organizations today are looking to make the move to DevOps, but the vast majority are struggling to accomplish this goal and often find themselves two, three, four years or more into the process and still see little to no results. The problem is that many organizations either ignore the industry data showing that they must first tackle their cultural issues, or they have listened to various DevOps consulting firms or Tool vendors who have convinced them that DevOps is about tools and if they just install the recommended tool set they will be doing DevOps. Unfortunately, this is simply a fairy tale and believing that you can just install a set of tools and you will be magically doing DevOps will never happen.

At ATF we work with our clients to assess where they are on their DevOps Journey and then provide them with a roadmap based on scientific backing to start them on the right path towards DevOps. We believe that DevOps is a Journey and thus, we start our clients with the Foundations that DevOps is based on, and then we move on to changing the organizational Mindset in terms of how they view IT, once we have changed the Mindset, we are ready to start the Transformation, which leads into the Implementation and then growing the organization into a Learning organization and finally we delve into the DevOps Toolchain. One important point to make about DevOps that the majority of the industry has missed, DevOps is both a Transformation and Change. What we mean by this is that DevOps bring about Transformation at the organization level and it brings about Change at the IT level. This may seem like a minor play on semantics, but it can have disastrous results if it’s not properly understood.

For organizations looking for a little more help in the move to DevOps, we offer our online Dojo setup. Dojo’s are a revolutionary concept created by Target to scale DevOps inside an organization.