Automated Testing for Services

Course Abstract

This course provides an initial glimpse into the end-to-end workshop of service-oriented testing. Participants will utilize and learn the fundamentals of service oriented architecture and will use common terms and concepts. Compare and contrast methodologies will be explored delving into client-server applications and important industry best practices. Differentiation between SOAP and REST will be defined, and the approaches each uses in web service and Microsoft services inside of an agile testing framework. Centralization of testing and possible reuse of the services tests are reviewed.


This is a course for technical agile members who desire to move into the world of services-oriented testing. The participant must have a clear understanding of agile concepts and also have a solid grasp of programming. This is not a course for Manual Testers with little to no programming experience.


This course requires participants to have taken an acceptable introduction to agile course. The participants must have demonstrable programming skills.


2 Days

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Ability to fully understand SOA testing concepts.
  • Analyze requirements and build REST, SOAP or Microsoft services tests.
  • Understand and navigate services architecture security
  • Fully understand and cover message validation

Course Topics

Topics addressed in the course include:

  • Web Services
  • SOA Testing Concepts
  • SoapUI
  • Validating Messages
  • Functional Testing
  • Requirements
  • SOAP Services
  • REST Services
  • Mock Services
  • Advance Level

Course Code

  • ATF-252

Course Objectives

  • Define Service-Oriented Architecture(SOA).
  • Compare and contrast building and exposing services.
  • Explain loosely coupled services.
  • Define WSDL, SOAP, and REST in relation to web services domain.
  • Discuss some of the service based development and activities.
  • Outline the five horizontal layers of SOA.
  • Outline the four vertical layers of SOA.
  • Analyze ideal environments for testing and potential testing challenges.
  • Discuss the many areas of functional testing.

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