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Agile Consulting Services by Agile Testing Framework

Our Agile Testing Services always focus on providing Agile coaching during the engagement. This is crucial because our goal is to help you become self-sufficient with your implementation of ATF. Everyone at ATF is an engineer with a agile coaching approach to always provide the highest level of satisfaction to our clients. Coaching agile teams is what we do! Our typical ATF engagements include the following steps:

ATF Services

ATF-Assesment-IconATF Assessment

We will assess your current environment including both your current technology and skill set.  The outcome of this assessment will be our standard 21 point assessment document that one of our ATF Architect’s will present to your team. During the assessment we will document all of the information needed to prioritize the best way to improve your ATF.


ATF Setup

We will conduct an ATF assessment (described above) and based on the assessment and your goals for ATF, we will setup the ATF within your environment. The ATF setup will include specific test cases to include in a demonstration usually 2 weeks after we start implementing your ATF. During this demonstration, we will walk you through the way ATF is setup and how these initial test cases were developed. This service is ideal to get you a jump start on your ATF and then confirm what are the best next steps for your organization.


ATF Augmentation

Depending on the type of expertise your team will need, we will provide our own ATF Architect and ATF Engineers to augment your team. We have often helped our clients to hire or grow their own talent by working side by side with their development teams. We strongly believe that leading by example while driving better engineering practices in your day to day activities is essential to adopt positive ATF habits. Here are some areas that we typically focus on with our clients: the way you capture requirements, develop your backlog of work, describe your acceptance criteria, handle your defect process, develop your code using BDD and TDD, deploy your code, embrace the ideal code branching strategy, structure your teams, setup your test environments, test data strategy, improve your change management process, define and invest in DevOps, establish and track test quality metrics, track and payback your technical debt, etc…



Clients who are looking for an automated testing solution to augment their existing regression testing phase or to help with an existing project, but do not have the current resources or experience, can use our cloud based ATF Lab offering. With our cloud based ATF Lab offering you can have your own personal cloud based automated testing lab setup and start automating within two days. The ATF Lab includes our ATF Pro in either Java or .Net. In addition to a cloud based ATF Lab, we can supplement your current needs with our ATF engineers or for companies wishing to use the ATF Lab with their own resources we can provide our automation for engineers course and coaching as a way of ramping up your team.  There are many benefits to using our cloud based ATF Lab, among them are reduced costs, quicker ROI, ability to ramp up automated testing quickly and the peace of mind knowing that you have an automated testing tool set that is scalable, follows industry best practices and uses best in class tools/API’s.


ATF Total Solution

Some clients, prefer to have our ATF team simply handle everything as an extension of their team. This is a great solution for targeting a specific application, or as a stepping stone to bring this expertise in house once everything is already running smoothly. In addition to the steps listed above, we include an ongoing ATF Support Plan and when you are ready, an ATF Transition Plan back to your team.  This approach allows your team to continue managing what we have started.


The #1 reason to choose ATF for your organization is time to market. Our goal is to save you time. Within 2 weeks of working together, we will setup ATF within your environment and show you a demo of automated tests that you can start using immediately.

Don’t forget about our ATF guarantee…

We guarantee to:
1. Implement ATF within 2 weeks of having access to your environments.
2. Provide best practices to operate and scale your ATF through honest feedback and empirical evidence.
3. Show you how to improve the way you code, test and deploy your software.

ATF Toolbox

We have created a framework that can save you time and help you to scale your ATF implementation. Depending on the framework you currently use, we can augment and/or extend your framework or implement the ATF to make it yours, in just a couple of weeks.

ATF Professional

The Professional version of ATF is used for our standard implementation with all our customers. This package saves our customers months of development and helps them start with a strong foundation for their environment.

java agile testing framework

ATF Professional Java

This Java version is the core version we use for all our implementations. This version offers the most flexibility to work with any environment. Because most of the tools that interact with ATF are open source and Java based, it makes the most sense to use this version of ATF.

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.net C# agile testing framework ATF Professional .Net

The .Net version is meant for organizations who are a 100% Microsoft development shop and do not want to use any Java code to support ATF. The reason we created this alternate version is to eliminate any concerns for our customers who want to save money by using a proven solution to integrate perfectly with Microsoft TFS, but doesn’t require you to blow your budget on additional Microsoft licenses that fall short of what ATF offers and cost much more. ATF let’s you use TFS without the extra licensing costs of TFS Test Pro or TFS Ultimate, but permits you to truly setup an Agile Testing Framework within your Microsoft environment.

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ATF Education

All our courses integrate with the ATF Education framework and our online Candy Store to provide a complete learning experience. Every student walks away with our ATF Education version simply by attending one of our courses. Simply visit our Agile Training section to see our list of courses.

ATF Education

All our training materials offer actual workshops for our students to experiment with a basic testing framework and quickly build automated tests. When you attend or license one of our courses we include the ATF Education framework to facilitate the exercises and learn by example.

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