How Agile has changed the landscape of testing

Recently I was at a client site and overheard a number of manual QA testers lamenting how long it had taken them to find their current job and discussing how many potential jobs had required programming skills. This is a common discussion I hear from manual testers, even though the quality assurance market is red hot. Many professionals in the quality assurance field and many companies have been blind to the radical changes brought about to the software testing field by agile development.

A while back I was looking around at a few blogs and came across an article written by Elisabeth Hendrickson from Test Obsessed titled “Do Testers Have to Write Code?”. The article details the changes brought about by agile development in great detail. The article discusses in detail the study Elisabeth Hendrickson did regarding QA/Tester job openings and the required skills companies are requiring. In short her study found that 80% of QA/Tester jobs being advertised required some level of programming, the study also breaks down the programming languages companies were looking for. The article also discusses and provides evidence of another change brought about by agile development, the open source community has beaten the off the shelf testing tools. This is an article that every person and company involved in agile development should read.

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